Thanks to Experience@Work, experienced talents from organizations can be deployed in other organizations which are looking for specific experience/talent.

And this at a feasible price.

About Experience@Work

About: initiative

Whereas in Sweden 70% of 55-64-year-olds are active on the labor market, in Belgium that figure is not reaching 50%. By opting for the Unemployment with Company Allowance regime (the former early retirement program), talented, experienced employees all too often disappear from the labor market in Belgium.

Yet Belgian organizations are increasingly aware that valuable knowledge and experience should not be allowed to disappear just like that. That is why, at the initiative of HazelHeartwood, a management consulting firm, AXA, KBC and Proximus have launched the Experience@Work project. Other organizations can join the project as well. SD Worx, which initially provided legal advice, was the first organization to join the limited liability cooperative company. The initiative was also facilitated by the network for corporate social responsibility The Shift, and by the VDAB.

Experience@Work is an innovative initiative for the employment of senior employees in Belgium. Through this Multi Company Mobility Center, AXA, KBC and Proximus and the other member organizations want, on a voluntary basis, to give their employees the possibility of remaining actively employed until their retirement. They will be able to apply their skills and experience in projects for different organizations while keeping their contract with their original employer.

Experience@Work offers a WIN-WIN-WIN-WIN solution for:


Organizations with experienced employees in a context in which everyone is encouraged to stay actively employed for longer.


Organizations that find it difficult to attract experienced employees in the light of the war for talent.


Experienced employees who are looking for a new challenge and who would like to valorize their talents and experience elsewhere.


Society, which benefits from keeping public social expenses as low as possible and optimizing the spread of talent.

Experience@Work is an initiative for all organizations (large and small) that want to join this innovative project. The project was created by and for organizations, and the more organizations collaborate, the more efficient it will become.

The fact that Experience@Work is an innovative project was borne out by its nomination for the European Social Innovation Award 2014 of the European Commission’s DG Enterprise and Industry. The Experience@Work project was put on the shortlist of 10 finalists out of a total of 1,254 nominated European projects on social innovation.

Our vision

The reference for flexible talent sharing across the borders of the own organization.

Our mission

Broaden the internal labour market of organizations in an affordable manner, so that experienced employees can valorize their talents elsewhere and stay longer on the labour market, in a motivated way and with income guarantee.


A CVBA founded by

  • Hazel Heartwood
  • Proximus

With the support of

  • The Shift
  • VDAB
  • SD Worx