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Thanks to Experience@Work, experienced talents from organizations can be deployed in other organizations which are looking for specific experience/talent.

And this at a feasible price.

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Exchange experience?

  • Do you also want to offer alternative career opportunities to your senior employees?
  • Do you want to bring some extra experience into your organization?

Let us know : the more organizations participate, the more efficient the project will become.



+32 478 20 79 58

HazelHeartwood : Guido de Grefte, gdegrefte@hazelheartwood.com

AXA : François Peeraer, francois.peeraer@axa.be

KBC : Eddy Thielemans, eddy.e.thielemans@kbc.be and Karin Vandervelpen, karin.vandervelpen@kbc.be

Proximus : Inge Janssens, inge.janssens@proximus.com

SD Worx : Leen Van Damme, leen.vandamme@sdworx.com

The Shift: David Leyssens, david.leyssens@theshift.be

VDAB : Ingrid Jordens, ingrid.jordens@vdab.be

Members of the board of directors :

Els Jans (AXA), Anette Böhm (KBC), Jan Van Acoleyen (Proximus), Guido de Grefte (HazelHeartwood)

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