Bring experience into your organization?

Thanks to Experience@Work, experienced talents from organizations can be deployed in other organizations which are looking for specific experience/talent.

And this at a feasible price.

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  • Talent in abundance

    Lots of (bigger) organizations:

    • often have lots of experienced employees, and want to offer them the possibility to keep on valorizing their talents, experience and expertise
    • struggle with the heavy HR expense of these experienced employees
    • experience that “working longer” means less career possibilities for youngsters in the organisation
  • Looking for experience

    Lots of organizations:

    • have a need for experienced employees
    • but they do not find them on the labour market
    • and if they find them, they are too expensive
  • Experienced employees

    have quite some challenges… they:

    • like to share their experience
    • still want to go for new experiences, and – if possible – in an activity or a sector which they cherish or closer to home – building a meaningful “third career”
    • without running any risk at the end of the career
    • have restricted possibilities in their own organization
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    Experience@Work facilitates that:

    • valuable experience of senior employees does not get lost
    • we’re all able to work longer in a motivated and meaningful way

How it works

Experience@Work is an innovative initiative from organizations for organizations. Together we want to allow senior talents to remain as long and as useful possible in the labour market.

Experience@Work fills the missing link between:

  • organizations with a need for experience
  • organizations with talents in abundance
  • senior employees who want to continue valorising their experience

By sharing the professional experience of fifty-plus employees across the borders of organizations, the expert is always at the right place.

And that’s a good thing, for everybody.