How it works

Thanks to Experience@Work, experienced talents from organizations can be deployed in other organizations which are looking for specific experience/talent.

And this at a feasible price.

About Experience@Work

About: how it works

  1. You want to bring some extra experience into your organization? You have a (restricted) budget to do so? Inform us on your mission through this portal.
  2. the budget that you have foreseen minimally equals the cost of such a profile with ten years experience, and if one of the participating organizations has an available profile to fulfil your mission. With the mission description as a basis, Experience@Work checks if:
  3. Employees of participating organisations can – on a voluntary basis – apply for your open position and are first of all screened by their own employer. You can interview and select the employee who appears the most appropriate for your mission.
  4. your organization and the organization to which the employee belongs. The necessary budget minimally equals a profile with ten years experience, whereas you can benefit from an employee with more than thirty years of experience. Experience@Work draws up a service contract between
  5. Follow-up of the mission. Experience@Work closely follows up how the mission goes.