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More than 70 seniors at 17 affiliated employers…

More than 70 seniors at 17 affiliated members are already sharing their experience elsewhere! In the non profit sector or closer to home, they all stepped into this final stage of their career with lots of enthousiasm and gratitude. Some testimonials can be found on this website. Others are certain to follow!

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The European Commission reports on good practices in “Senior entrepreneurship” and E@W is part of it!

E@W has been retained by the European Commission as a good practice in “Senior entrepreneurship”. The book can be ordered here.

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“Loopbanen in beweging” – Ans De Vos

Ans De Vos (UAMS) published end October ’16 her book “Loopbanen in beweging”. Experience@Work is mentioned as a Best Practice to mobilize employees / create sustainable careers. The book can be found at Acco.

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Experience@Work’s first anniversary! Time to make up a first balance – April ’16


In 2016 (status April), not less than 100 organisations from the non-profit sector consulted our non commercial platform to attract experienced employees from member companies to fill their vacancies.

New collaborators equal new points of view. Organisations can now attract experienced talents coming from other organisations. In general, it concerns employees with over 30 years experience who can be attracted at the price of such profile with only 10 years experience.


Not less than 8 employers (status April ’16) now propose additional career opportunities to their (senior) employees : next to KBC, AXA and Proximus, also SD Worx, Arcadis, IBM, bpost and Ahlers want to enlarge their internal employment market and keep their employees longer at work in a senseful manner.

The initiatve was set up by organizations and is open for any organization that wants to offer additional alternative career opportunities to their employees in the framework of their (end of) career policy. We request participating companies to offer these opportunities to a group of people, for example as of a certain age. This is not an initiative to gently get rid of low performers or employees “on the bench”.  Candidates of participating companies can apply on a voluntary basis for the missions, which are mainly situated in the non profit sector. Missions in the profit sector are also possible, for as long as this experience can bring an added value.


26 employees (status April ’16) have “jumped” in the meantime, without losing the link with their employer. They decided to go and share their experience and take up a new challenge : it is a big jump, because you arrive in a completely new environment, but it is really enriching. Moreover, they realize that it is a jump with a double parachute, being able to return to their well-known environment if ever the change would turn out to be unsuccessful for one or another reason.

You feel the energy floating when discussing with those who have given a new direction to their careers in this manner. They are all very enthousiastic about having taken up the challenge and they experience each day the satisfaction that it brings. Lucien Van Dijck is a former bank director who now leverages his financial experience as financial and administrative coordinator at De Sleutel in Ghent, an organization preparing people to be re-inserted in the employment market. He feels he benefits from “the best of both worlds”. Lieve Rosillon is a former application administrator who is now working as a project collaborator at LeuvenKlimaatNeutraal 2030, an environment and challenge in which she fully blossoms. She is very grateful for having received this chance and is also proud of having taken it.

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bpost and Ahlers join the platform!

May/June ’16 : bpost as well as Ahlers decide to broaden their internal job market and to offer their employees additional and alternative career opportunities! Not less than 8 employers now participate in this project: KBC, AXA, Proximus, SD Worx, Arcadis, IBM, bpost and Ahlers.

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Arcadis and IBM join the platform!

October – November ’15 : Arcadis and IBM offer from now on also the possibility to their senior employees to explore alternative career opportunities in other organisations!

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